Jobs Directory

Below is an alphabetical list of job boards we’ve put together compliments of the Sweet Job Spot.  The list includes job boards by field, industry, and special requirements.

Add On Income Job Site

Find legitimate opportunities to make extra money…no registration required

Alumni Jobs

Don’t let your degree go to waste!  Find someone who’s looking for it!

Area jobs
Find jobs in your local area! 
Best Nursing Jobs
Nursing is one of the hottest fields out there, find the best jobs here. 
Business Opportunities
Why work for someone else, create your own lifestyle by working for yourself right here. 
Bookkeeper Jobs
Great with numbers?  Love to track every penny?  Then perhaps bookkeeping is right for you.
Career Changers
In the market for a career change?  Don’t waste energy trying to figure it out on your own, we have jobs here. 
Cashier Jobs

If you like to handle money, working with electronic scanners, cash registers, and processing credit or debit card transactions and validating checks.

Cash Jobs
Forget the checks and the bank, these jobs will pay you in cash. 
Chemical Careers
Interested in Chemistry?  Would you like to work in a medical lab? Then visit Chemical Careers and watch your career blossom!  
Christian JobSpot
Love Jesus?  Want to have Christ in every area of your life, including your job? Then check out Christian Job Spot! 
Clerical Careers
Staying organized and detail oriented is the job of a clerk, if you have what it takes, this job might be for you! 
COO Jobs
Chief of Staff, Chief of Operations, Chief Executive Officer?  Are you in charge, then claim it at COO Jobs. 
Creative Jobs
Are you creative, interested and working creatively?  Use your talents and find a job as a creative director or graphic designer here!  
Culinary Grads
Just graduated from Culinary School?  Then find a job in the industry today! 
Engineers Work
Software, Networks, Projects, Systems, Mechanical, Electrical, Process and Manufacturing Engineers, Apply here!
Fashion Jobs 4 U
Find a job in Fashion, from designers to retail salespersons, you can find something anywhere in this industry. 
Love food?  You don’t just have to cook, you can serve or manage as well. 
Great Jobs Abroad
Looking for the best fit, internationally?  Then check out Great Jobs Abroad. 
Health Care Careers
Find careers in healthcare and hospitals, from insurance to orderlies. 
Help Wanted
Entry level positions, no experience required!  Find your first job (and maybe your next career!)
Holiday Help
Seasonal work comes and goes, and it gives you the chance to try many different things.  
Hospitality Jobs 4 U
Love people?  Love service?  From the front of the house to the back, Hospitality Jobs 4 U has it all! 
Hot Social Media Jobs
Love Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all things social media? You know you were called to do this!  Now it’s time to answer. 
Hourly Jobs
Get paid by the clock!  
Information Jobs
Information Systems is hot because people always need the 411!
Inspiration Nation
Coaching, inspiring and working to make sure that people rise to become their best! 
Insurance Job Registry
Work as a Claims Adjuster, Insurance Investigator, Recruiter, Regional Manager, Actuary or Risk Management
Highly Targeted Listings
Jobs: Contract
Work as a contractor, no strings attached! 
Jobs in Translation
Don’t let your french degree go to waste, find a job as a translator in this place! 
Jobs That Move Me
Relocation Assistance Jobs
Landscaping Jobs
Love the ground, love the outdoors, get in touch with the earth with a landscaping job today! 
Litigation Nation
Find the best law jobs here, from civil to environment to e-discovery. 
Logistics Jobs
Love to move things?  Logistics are crucial in every business, find a position in shipping, importing, exporting and transport. 
The Bucks
For the Financial Services Industry
My Job Ops
Jobs where “no experience is necessary”
National Jobs
Show your patriotic side, find a position of National Importance. 
Non-Profit Job Connection

Find a position in the Non-profit sector, become a director, work as fundraiser, volunteer coordinator or more.

Over 50 Jobs
Got experience? Over 50? Then find jobs that want your experience here!
Power Jobs
When you see an electric pole, you want to climb up it, you get excited about water and power in your location, then help run the city with a Power Job! 
Principal Jobs
 High School, Elementary School, Vice and Assistant Principal Jobs! 
Public Sector Jobs
Find a job in the Public Sector, State and local government. 
Real Estate Jobs
The most comprehensive listing of real estate job opportunities on the planet
Recruiter Jobs
Help others find the right job for them!
Religious Jobs
Minister, counselor, chaplain and many more jobs. 
Retail Jobs 4 U
Find a job in the retail sector, from the mall to 
Social Service Jobs
Love to help others?  Have a heart for people? Then find a job in social services today.
Women for Work
Your a woman looking for a job!  Here it is! 
Working Women
Want to work with other women, find a position here! 
Your Jobs Now
Find a job today, Part-Time or Short-Term !